Here are some pics from Ediya Coffee Shop

My Mocha Latte, the AC is so damn cold so I just had to buy something hot to drink and eat some chocolate Cheesecake =P

Look at the wall! everyone is leaving traces behind them over there 😉

MissL’s waffles, looks good ❤

Of course the swedish girls (us!) have to leave a message! haha MissL showed some love to SG Wannabe. Haha Everyone was so shocked whenever they asked her, her favourite Korean group. Lol

AND a little message to Oneway Peter! We left a message to peter telling him to come join us! but he ditched us, boooo!

I felt a bit uncreative! but HEJ SVEJS! kekeke, i saw some other swedes leaving messages there =) keke

Cozy coffeshop, I don’t remember which one we went to though…hehe I just go with the flow (and the flow is my two friends =P)


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