My friends introduced to me to this korean rookie group Oneway, a 3 member group, including Peter, Chance and Young Sky. And recently they’ve been really into them….in the twitter world! haha Fans don’t be mad at me, but I still don’t know how they look like XD but the music is good too! and that’s what really matters ❤

It all started with all the korean stars joing the twitter community (forced T and L to make an account, I was a bit lonely there in the beginning XD and they were like twitter, boring), and since all the member from oneway are fluent in english and since they are pretty much the only group who replies to their fans on twitter, T and L started to bet whoever gets a reply from them gets a coffee when we are in Korea (since the coffee is better there according to them). In the beginning i was like, why are the spamming lite shit on my twitter. They spammed the oneway boys to the max and tagged them on everything, wrote randoms question. Peter is the one who replies to the fans the most, Young Sky don’t update that often, and Chance updates, but rarely replies from fans (he retweets alot of pics from the fans though).

Haha so they started this bet, and in the beginning T was leading, but then it seems like Peter started favorising L, and replied to her all the time. And me, i just tried to spam them, but got sick of it XD. T eventually got frustrated and ended the bet XD but L still won 3 coffees XD

Then T told me, if you get a reply from Chance, i give you a free coffee, haha and the spamming began XD Chance is pretty much impossible to get a reply from, and i spammed him everytime i saw him online on twitter, but i gave up after like 3 days or so XD but then T upgraded the her bet price for me with a free dinner, and I was like “0__________0”.

Then on my birthday (korean time) my friends told me to listen to Musicplanet after work, a korean radio show (english), since we do that sometimes. And it was on the day oneway was there. T and L tweeted to the MC, J.ae and told her they wanted oneway to shout out for me, but yeah pretty much ignored, but she sang for me a little bit after though. But the funny thing is, they have this segment were each one from oneway choose a song and the listener are supposed to vote for their favorite out of the 3 songs. on the first round i voted for Chance, and on the second round I was a bit slow with voting (i was like chatting on skype XD), so my vote was a bit late XD and I made Chance lose to Young Sky with one vote XD lol and they talked about me on the show XD the funny thing is that I missed that part where they talked about me cause I was really hungry and went to prepare dinner XD. T missed the show, so she went youtubing afterwards and asked me if I heard it, and I was like what? haha check check:

So thanks to the radioshow Chance regonize my twittername (since i voted on the twitter board), and he replied to me, haha and with that, i won a free dinner and a coffee, dinner from T and coffee from L. And the funny thing is L lost a coffee icecream to me because of our little bet with Peter. T is not happy with this XD

Haha T and L “forced” him to congratulate me XD haha ❤

I think I can stop spamming on my twitter board now! haha Impossible mission is now officially completed! our friends are getting tired of our spamming already XD

Anyway I am really looking forward to Korea! but whyyyyy driving licence, you are bringing down my summer!



2 thoughts on “Our Twitter bets! I’ve won alot of food thanks to @onewaypeter and @onewaychance, haha

  1. LOL jag hittade det här inlägget när jag googlade One Way Young Sky Stockholm XD skulle se om jag kunde hitta nåt om varför han tweetade “good old Stockholm” men hittade hit istället. Roligt att läsa om det här igen hahahaha

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