I find the commercialized music industry pretty…..intreseting.

They can really sell anything and relate anything to an artist. Like socks, cups, pens….etc etc. So I was browsing popseoul yesterday and found this article: http://popseoul.com/2010/06/10/take-a-hand-from-kpop-girl-groups/#more-77207

They’ve made handprints from female idols, like a statue like (?) hand, made of metal, and these hands are for auction, so I guess it’s only ONE unique hand for each female idol (?). The cause of this is for a very good purpose. It’s to raise money for charity.

But I just though the whole thing….was pretty…..funny…..(lol?)

And I think the hand is pretty creepy XD haha

Wonder Girls Hands

After School Hands

Brown Eye Girls

Kara Hands

I am sorry….but they do look creepy to me XD haha


One thought on “Korean Female Idols handprints for auction – Am I the only one who think it’s creepy?

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