So I was checking Allkpop just now, and i saw a few idol performances in Music Bank, including, SS501, CN Blue and the new Rookie group Infinite.

So the two groups, SS501 and Infinite had a rather demanding choreography, with alot of jumping and fast moves (really liked SS501’s choreography), so you could cleary hear them breathing in the mics. And that is pretty disturbing in my opinion, my attention is cleary on the breathing part. I am not a 100% sure if it’s just the mic, or if it’s because they are “breathless” and cannot really control their breathing and in the time keep the moves going. And another thing is when their voice level is so different it makes it so obvious. I mean some people have a stronger voice and another one have a lower voice, when that fact is so obvious it makes the performance very disturbing, they need to match each others level. But I scrolled down abit and read the comment section in allkpop, and they are all cheering, saying how good they are and yada yada yada. Seriously I really like both of the groups and their songs, and the studio version is super, but when it comes to LIVE performances, it’s just not good enough. But I am sure there is room for improvement. I am just tired of people cheering whether is good or not just because they are idols. Of course, talent and their hard work should be praised. But it’s about whether they are worth all the praising or not.

All idol groups just need one good song, one good hit, pretty faces (they don’t even need any particular talent, but of course it’s better if you have the face and the talent), what’ll followed is the hardcore fans supporting them whether it’s all sucky or not.

CN Blue was good though. The main vocal have an intresting voice, it changes whether he sings in his singing voice or when he raps, sounds like two diffrent people XD. The only thing that came to my mind was, Hong Ki from FT. Island once said that they couldn’t play the instruments live on shows, and I wonder if it’s still like that. They are just pretending to play? And why’s that.

Infinite – Come Back Again

SS501 – Love Ya

CN Blue – Love


2 thoughts on “Some Honest comments about the KPOP right now.

  1. oh, that’s because those music show didn’t give more time for a band to set up their instrument

    you know how fast they had to change from one performance to another , right ?
    so a band really need A LOT OF TIME to set up instrument (if they want to play live) and beside that…there’s gonna be A LOT of WIRES to plug in

    actually this is my own experience when I attend one of music show ( band competition at my country) and each band need more than 15 minutes to bring their instrument and tune it up at stage (and this is without set up the ampli hahaha…if they had to set the ampli too then they gonna need minimum 30 minutes for all these)

    it’s diff if they play at their own concert – so they could set up all instrument more perfectly and it need more than 2-3 hours for doing it

    • Oh I see. Yeah when you say it, it’s right, everytime I attend a concert, they are checking everything a really long time. Tuning everything and such.
      I didn’t think of that before you said it now XD haha

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