Haven’t been updating lately. But I guess I am like this in all of my blogs. I serisouly have to many. But i guess I should stick with one. But what da hell.

Two weeks ago I got a small package from my friend in Korea. She said she forgot to send me a christmas gift last year so she asked me what i wanted. And i told her that I needed some facial mask XD haha. My skin have been really bad =S so she was nice enough to send me some. I upload the pics later. It was FT island and Rain on them Haha and then it was some cookies in it too. The super popular Choco Pops that korean people seems to love. I tasted one. And I thought it was okay. It was kind of weird actually XD haha

But I upload those pics later.

Today I was in town with my friend. Our original plan was to check out the cherry blossom in Kungsträdgården. But since it was raining pretty hard we decited to browse around the stores and in the end we went to McDonalds. So typical XD

But while we were browsing for some new arrival we tried some nail polish in Make-up store.

Haha tried different colors. The result was super ulgy. But yeah I didn’t like the brush so much.



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