So I met up with L, T and their friend yesterday to a dead school pub…..it was really D E A D. But we had fun anyways. It’s all about the company. And T finally received her stuff from Korea from her friend A. And before she left she ordered these cute 2PM mugs. She knows I love Nickhun, So she bought one for me, and for L she bought Junsu, haha and for herself she bought Junsu and Junho. Haha Yeah she is greedy. But in reality we all know I’ve would preferred Jaebum’s mug…if he had one. haha (and the colour certainly would’ve been pink XD)

Nickhun Mug, 2PM mug

My friends Jimmy and Freddie were in China during christmas, and Jimmy finally visited us in Sthlm, unfortunately Freddie couldn’t come this time. But they got me small present. This Ice Cream thingy is from Jimmy. Really Cute ❤


And this is from Freddie. Don’t know why this pic got so small(!) But it’s from Sugar bunnies. I haven’t opened it yet. But gonna do that soon. I like the ball thing XD keke

O’boy, just love presents, keke



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