Yesterday I got an advice of delivery from the post office telling me that my package from Yesasia had arrived.

I didn’t order much, just 3 pairs of earrings and DBSK best collection 2010 album for my friend, since when you reach up to a specific amount you get free shipping. So that was what we were aiming for. XD

So the square earrings is the Jae boem style and the black skull is G-dragon style

I read some reviews from YesAsia before ordering these, and some were saying that the Jaeboem style earrings are to big, or bigger than they first thought, and some thought it was okay. So I took a pic of how it looks like wearing it.


This is the G-dragon style. It was a little tricky to put it on, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy. This one is really cool.


This is my third pair of earrings, which I unfortunately have to return because it was damaged. =( It’s Super Juniors Ryeo wook style. (I am not even a fan of Ryeo wook, but I thought the earring was cool)

The damaged earring. One of the stone is missing, leaving an emty whole =(   (My nails looks so nasty >_>)


My frends DBSK best collection album 2 CD + DVD Hong Kong version (Hong Kong version is the cheapest version I think out of all versions) ❤ The DVD is 1st TOUR – 4th TOUR kyaaa So gonna watch this later when she recieves this! haha



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