So I was on my twitter today. And I read the post that theoneday forum posted up, and this is what they said regarding about Jaebeom’s incident.

“Reasons for termination” – either drugs abuse or impreginating a girl.
Jay doesn’t even drink coffee, and he’s a regular church-goer.”

well it was two twitter post, I just made it into one.

First of all, i found it funny that the compared coffee and drugs, haha even if you don’t drink coffee it isn’t for sure that you are anti-drugs, but yeah I kind of get their point.XD

haha second (I can’t help but laugh) is that even though you attend church reguarly, doesn’t mean you can’t get a girl pregnant. Because I know a guy who had became a dad when he was 16, and he attend church every damn sunday with his family. And he is not the only one. (I think i know another one, but not for sure he actually was that religious)

Well we always want to believe those church people to be all that innocent. But O’boy how wrong are we.

The story about that 16 year old dad is quite funny. When me and my friends were in high school we found out that the guy my friend liked back then actually was a dad. And how did we find out? ( I mean, he didn’t say a word about it to my friend), well he was interviewed by a magazine our other classmate read and showed it to her. And in that magazine he was holding his new born baby…infront of our school! I mean how shocking wasn’t that! Quite funny as well, since my friend had a crush on him back then. Hahah talk about slap in da face. They met during valentines day when she was walking around with a box of candy in our school looking for us. She wandered in school and realized that he was looking at her (well rather her box of candy). My kind hearted friend (of course) asked him if he wanted some candy. And that is how it all started….and ended with him being a dad. Lol

I didn’t post this to critize theoneday. Because i truly love them, and I truly love the talented Oneday boys (I am a hottest! okay and Jaeboem was and IS my fav) But when i read about the church.goer thing just reminded me of this story.

All the Jay controversy is seriously making me depress, everytime I go in Allkpop and Twitter, I just become all “emo”. I’m gonna miss his pure funniness/dorkiness. and his awesomness when it comes to dancing and his smooth sexy voice/lips (keke). Sigh. Wish Jay Good Luck with everything he does from now on! ❤ I wish things didn’t turn out this way. As a supporter it’s all I can say.


PS: I hope there is some “luck” saved for me as well, sigh~


2 thoughts on “I find this quite amusing

  1. ahh! Jag har vart en hottest sedan Hösten 2008. Efter att Jay lämnade 2PM & alla rykten poppade upp, har de förlorat 46,000 hottest i deras fanbase i korea. Många blev anti istället.
    Det är ju meningen att vi ska stötta dom, inte pressa och trycka ner dom. ;u;

    • Haha ja jag vet, jag följde hela jay grejen lite för noga för min egen smak. Det är skönt nu när det värsta är över eller hur jag ska uttrycka mig. haha

      Jag har dock tappat intresset för 2PM (förutom Khun XD), jag är mer inne i 2AM nu hahaa

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