So this thuesday I went in town to meet L, before her leave to Korea. So I gave her my christmas gifts for her, C and T.

And this days mission was to buy the rest of the christmas gift i had left. So when i was done i just couldn’t help myself for going in to MAC store and bought this box…

What’s in the box?


I just love the little bag you got there. To be honest, the main reason i bought this box was because of the little pretty rectangular makeup bag XD haha and i like the turquoise color XD You had to buy the whole package, So i did. Other than the bag you get a mascara – zoom lash, gel eyeliner fluidline- blacktrack and a eyeliner brush, and a shimmertime pigment. The fluideyeliner is great, of all eyeliner i like geleyeliner the best. The shimmertime pigment is really pretty. I usally don’t use shimmer, but i actually liked this one. You can actually make it natural looking.

So i bought this in Sweden, Åhlens City for about 420 kr. But if you live in US it’s a lot cheaper, like 36 dollar, it’s all worth it XD

Don’t you just LOVE this cupcake! I bought one for my friend too, for christmas gift. Cost around 69 kr in STCHLM, but i also found these in URBAN OUTFITTERS two for around 170-180 kr.


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