So last month I ordered the the VIP lipstick from Etude House, since I’ve been dying to have one. I bought the VIP girl PK007. I wanted a nude/pinkish lipstick. But the problem is that  because my skin is darker than the girl in that pic, it didn’t fit me that well. I have to combinate it with lipgloss or dab it on the lips.

I think I am going to order OR205 or PK009. Coral looks on my lips. I don’t regret buying pk007, but i just have to work abit more to make it look good.

And beside that I bought some stuff from The Body Shop, i am a Huge fan of body shop, XD love their cream and stuff!

I haven’t used them yet, since my other minreal mask is not finished yet, and my aloe vera day cream is also not finished. I just bought these so i don’t have to buy later, since it’s almost finished XD same with the night cream. I am using the same night cream as in the picture, and I like it, so i bought the same again instead of trying a new one. And it helps my blemished skin. (the green one)


3 thoughts on “Korean Make up-Etude House Lipstick

  1. i have the pk007 too and you’re totally right. it didnt suit my skin tone well cz just like what you said, my skin is also darker than the girl in the pic.lol … but still, i dont regret buying it.. i just need to work on it a bit more~ ^^

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