Just had dinner after the movie. Me and “Soondae” saw New Moon, she call this our “tradition”. We saw the first movie together too and we read the books around the same time. HahaI liked the first book and the last book,

But yeah I didn’t like the second or the third book very much. So the expectations wasn’t that high. So therefore the movie was okay. The highlights was definitely Jabocs abs and his cute face, Haha, But before he got the haircut of his, i really didn’t like him. I just laughed everytime he was on the screen. But damn he was hot with that short hair and his abs. 😉 And Edward was just damn awkward, his face is REALLY WHITE, and lips REALLY RED. He looked like Dracula and unfortunately I think Dracula is ugly. The other vampires wasn’t that white. Lol In my opinion I think Edward and Bellas acting is a bit awkward. Bella’s acting is a bit more awkward than Edward though.

The little girls in cinema screamed like every now and then, like what da hell. But I should forgive them, they are still young, haha (what right do I have to “forgive them” I bet I was the same when I was younger, haha and even now, every now and then)

See, this is how hot he looked like during the movie, he looks pretty young though, wonder how old he is. I might just google him later. haha


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