So for a couple of months ago I found our old polaroid camera, I think mom bought it 6 years ago or so. So it’s really old and the film had expire long time ago XD but i could still use it. The quality wasn’t the best. But I really love Polaroid cameras.The pics are So cute ^__^But the camera itself it’s a little to big for my taste. Haha

yeah I took those pics 7 months ago, when i found the camera. But yesterday i took some new XD

My hair is really short now, compare to 7 months ago. I cutted it in October ^^


Latley I’ve been obessesed with Hama beads! I use the small ones, so it’s really finicking (can i use the word here? in swedish i mean “pilligt”) XD

The cupcake earrings is from my friend Miss L 😉 thanks, love them!


3 thoughts on “Korean trend: polaroid and Hama mini beads <3

  1. i’m from the caribbean…so i know shipping might be a bit much. 😦 i’ve always wanted one. didnt know it still existed!! so happy i found ur post

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