As many people may know, when we sit to long infront of your dear computer/laptop our hands tend to get ICY! yeah, really cold. Exspecially winter time, or if you have a icy cold classrum as we do. Then you certainly need one of these, or I certainly need one of these.

It’s cute looking too. Hopefully I can force it in my bag XD

PHP is our enemy right now, PHP it’s the reason why I have to sit long hours in school and freeze to death (freeze to death may be winter itselfs fault too lol)

PHP stands for (according to people in my class, hehe) : “Punch His/Hers Pelvis PHP = Punch His Penis”, “PermanHatarProgrammering” (perman is my classmates lastname, i may as well change it to “PangHatarProgrammering”), “PHukkingPrograming” and “PeHoePe” Hahaha


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