So after i watched yesterdays “you’re beautiful” episode I decided to do my nails. Since I’ve been dying to use my konad stamp a little more, actually it’s easy in a way, but the first few times are quite tricky. You have to scrape the nail polish quicky and then try to get the print on the stamp. And that is the hard part, get the whole print on the stamp. I tried a few times before it looked okay.

Here is the result. Looks a bit clumsy, and i have polish outside my nails. But i am waiting for it to dry so I can peel it off.

The white print are from the Konad stamp.

Yeah i messed up some nails. But what to do. I am to lazy to re-do those nails XD haha

(damn my hands are so ugly >_<, by the way, i took it with my cellphone, so the pics might not be the greatest quality)


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