During my birthday, my friend gave a korean phrasebook, by lonely planet to as a present. I’ve wanted it for a really long time. But yeah somehow i never bought it in the end.

But I was really happy that she gave it to me.

And i found some pick up lines, so let’s all go out and “impress” those koreans 😉 we probably end up asking yong-o-rul hahl-jool a-se-yo?! –  Can you speak english?!

Isn’t it funny to try a relationship with someone when you can’t even communicate with each other.

But I do have a little story about this kind of matter. When my friend went to Japan to study, he met a korean girl, who also where there to study. Somehow they started to date. The problem was that none of them was fluent in Japanese, and she couldn’t speak english at all (you know koreans 😉 )So he told me that every time they were out on a date, both was depending on their electronic translator XD I mean what a bothersome date. XD well things didn’t work out for them in the end. Ha ha (duh xD)


2 thoughts on “Korean pick-up lines ;) (Koreanska raggningsrepliker)

  1. JÖSSES!!!!

    Min dator kraschade och tillsammans drog den med sig din blogg-adress!
    Jag har letat efter din blogg i 4 månader nu >_> äntligen hittade jag den! haha

    Köpte den där boken bara för att jag såg den här, den är grymt bra!

    • Hahaha datorer alltså, de kan man inte lita på XD haha stackars, det är bara du som läser min blogg typ haha

      Hahah gjorde du, va gullig du är =) aaa jag måste komma ihåg att ta med mig den när jag åker bara! XD


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