Circle lenses is something Korean people came up with. That give us an illusion of our eyes getting bigger. What it does is making the pupils looks larger. It’s a korean trend who’ve now spread to other places in Asia, such as Japan and Hong Kong.

First time i saw it i got a shock, cuz it can really make your eyes bigger. I saw it in Hong Kong, but i was debating if i really wanted to buy it, Cuz once you opened it, you can just have it for a month or so. And i figure that i would probably be to lazy to actually use it everyday for a month. So pretty much waste of money on my part. But i now i do regret it, it would be really fun to just test it. XD

And this can do really magic (?)

Before (with super RAW face):

and after (ulzzang face!):

This girl made a tutorial on how to becoma a ulzzang, with help of Circle lenses, make up and falsies. Photoshopped or not? Probably. She looks thinner…

And not only girls uses these kind of methods to get bigger eyes, also guys uses it.

I forgot this guys name, but he is a real ulzzang.


3 thoughts on “Circle Lenses – How asian get bigger eyes

  1. That guy’s not an ulzzang and he’s not wearing circle lenses actually .. I’m also kind of surprised you found a picture of my school senior O_o

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